My IRC server

I run a small, private IRC server for friends.

If you are my friend, and you would like an account there, feel free to send an email with your preferred username to jesselaprade@gmail.com.

After receiving an account

After you’ve received an email with your temporary password, configure your IRC client with the following settings:

SASL username: username
SASL password: temporary-password
Host:          m455.casa
Port:          6697
SSL/TLS:       true
Channel:       #main

Note: For more information on how to connect with specific IRC clients, see the following links:

After connecting to the server

After connecting, you should change your password using the following command:

/msg nickserv passwd temporary-password new-password new-password

Note: The command above will only change your password on the server. You should also change the saved password on your IRC client.