My IRC server

I run a small, private IRC server using Ergo.

If you are my friend, and you would like an account on my IRC server, feel free to send an email with your preferred username to jesse@m455.casa.

Page contents

Server features

Connecting to the server

After you receive an account and a temporary password, you can connect to my server by configuring your IRC client to one of the following settings:

Connecting using a client with SASL support

SASL username: <username>
SASL password: <password>
Host:          m455.casa
Port:          6697
SSL/TLS:       true

Connecting using a client without SASL support

Username: <username>
Password: <username:password>
Host:     m455.casa
Port:     6697
SSL/TLS   true


Refer to the Changelog page for chronological changes to the server.


Links to instructions for specific IRC clients can be found in the links below: