Server changelog

This page describes the latest changes to our IRC server.


History playback is 0 by default

History playback is set to 0 by default. This means when you join the server, you won’t see the last x number of messages.

To enable history playback, log in to our server, and run /msg nickserv set autoreplay-lines 100 to playback the last 100 messages that were said. You can set this to a different number by changing the 100 to a different number, with 100 being the max you can set.

The history playback was disabled because bots would have to go through past messages when first connecting to the server, causing them to respond to old commands. The history playback was also disabled to make bot debugging and creation less frustrating, because the bot wouldn’t go through all of the past 100 messages. History playback also caused bot creators to add startup functionality to their bot to turn off the history playback, which made bot creation less fun.

Fakelag is disabled

Fakelag is disabled. Originally, ergo.chat comes with this enabled by default, to prevent spam, but because we are a small familiar community, we can talk to each other when things get out of hand.

This is useful for when we want to paste small multi-line snippets, or use bots that output multiple messages at once.