community, code, a skunk, a dog, a rabbit, and an owl

2022-11-06 13:42

i recently rewrote my project, nicethings, in chicken scheme. it was originally in racket, but it was old, messy, redundant, and i just like translating programs from one programming language to another haha. originally, it was in python before it was rewritten in racket.

i ended up simplifying a lot, shortening the code, removing commands that i didn't think were that necessary, and yeah, it just felt good.

the main reason i wanted to touch on it was that i wanted to get back into making stuff for i really love just, like, being in a little digital community and writing fun things that other people might use. they don't have to use them, but it's just fun to contribute to the kinds of treasures that others can discover while exploring the computer--that's one of my favourite things to do in

i forgot to post about this, but the dog recently got sprayed by a skunk, and it took forever to get the smell out of the house. eventually things went back to normal, but what a wild night.

after the dog was sprayed, and after i showered him, i took him out for a late night walk. on the way home, i saw this really eerie creature that looked like something you'd see on one of those black and white fake demon photos from some wild documentary. it looked really skinny and bony with long arms hunched over something on the ground. it kind of made my hair stand up, but it was far away, and we kept walking closer.

i saw it moving, and was almost sure that it was eating something off the ground. we slowed down out of caution as we approached it in case this was some wild creature from mars preying on a squirrel haha, but it turned out to be a fucking owl.

as the dog and i walked closer, the owl flew up on top of the tip of a triangular-shaped roof right next to the sidewalk, staring down at us like it was going to come down and scoop us up too. when we reached the spot where it was eating, or, at least, looked like it was eating, i saw this mangled, bloody rabbit with its guts everywhere. it was almost the size of the owl. we have a crap load huge wild rabbits here, so the size of the rabbit wasn't as surprising as how big it was in comparison to the owl. i had no clue that owls prey on rabbits, but yeah, it was fucking wild.

what a night.